Monday, September 08, 2008

04: Shiva, Austin TV

Tandem Post with 03: Viva Calaca!!
Shiva, Austin TV
Alberto Cerriteño, 2008

I paired this one for this Tandem post (in that I'm writing the two posts together, and the two posts have pretty direct comparisons) with Viva Calaca!! for several reasons.

First of all, the two are both illustrative flat motion style music videos. Whilst Viva was done for a personal project, Shiva was a paid gig. And I do think it makes all the difference. For instance, the detail is so much more evident and secondly is alot smoother moving- partly methinks, because the animator had someone else to help that part of the job while he could focus more on the more tedious design aspect.

Also, Skeletons.
The designs are wonderous and the animator's blog has alot of the individual parts saved on his blog, so do go have a look.
Viva Drawn!

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