Monday, September 08, 2008

03: Viva Calaca!!

Tandem Post with 04: ShivaViva Calaca!!, Voltaire
Ritxi Ostáriz

I paired this one for this Tandem post (in that I'm writing the two posts together, and the two posts have pretty direct comparisons) with Shiva for several reasons.

First of all, the two are both illustrative flat motion style music videos. Whilst Shiva was a paid gig, Viva was done for a personal project, and I do think it makes all the difference. For instance, the detail is very beautifully done as is the character design, but in comparison to Shiva, Viva's detail is hard to make out because the rate of the "camera" swings around its almost impossible. This however, could just be a personal quibble at best, because alot of Ritxi's work has the same kind of movement. It makes me a little sea-sick to be honest. And although I do love this video, I do prefer the story telling of Shiva to this one in retrospect.

But then skeletons make everything better.

Be sure to visit his website to check out his other videos.
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